The New Castle Historical Society is governed by a Board of Trustees with 19 members. Trustees serve terms of three years and Officers serve terms of two years. The general membership elects the Officers and Trustees at the Annual Meeting held each April. The Board of Trustees meets five times each year.  The bylaws of the organization are available on request.


President: Georgia Frasch

Vice President: Betsy Guardenier

Secretary: Amy Holmes

Treasurer: David Fischer

Past President: Lizabeth Haas

Terms Expiring in 2023

Phyllis Dealy

Toni Kelly

Deborah Smith

Terms Expiring in 2024

Susan Diskin

Bryony Gilbey

Judith McGrath

Catherine O’Connor

William Spade

Terms Expiring in 2025

Fran Davidson

Richard Diefenbach

Cathy Hildenbrand

R.J. Impastato

Frances Osborne

Cathy Paulsen

Clinton B. Smith

Gray Williams