Are you looking for an internship position? Whether you are interested in public history, museum collections, education, or digital resources, the New Castle Historical Society is a great place to learn about the different skills necessary to work in a museum. Internships at the Society are challenging, educational experiences designed for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Working alongside staff members in a tutorial arrangement, interns gain valuable skills and training in museum practice, archival administration, arts administration, and historical scholarship.

In the past, the Society has placed interns in positions that deal with:

  • Archives, Collections Care and Management – Interns working in this area contribute to the effort to maintain, preserve, and store our collection. Some interns in this capacity contribute to preparing artifacts for exhibitions or helping to make areas of the collection accessible to the public.
  • Digital Resources – Interns would have a opportunity to work with the Museum’s PastPerfect database enhancing existing records, create new entries, and work with the Society’s internet media and the website.
  • Exhibit Design and Development – Interns will have opportunities to hone design skills while working alongside staff as they design and create new exhibition spaces.
  • Marketing and Communications – Interns provide support for museum promotion, messaging and integrated marketing. Communications interns will work with staff to develop and execute marketing strategy.
  • Publications and Promotions – Interns will assist in authoring a variety of publications, in the creation of gallery guides, promotional materials and other publications.


Emily Simon, HGHS Senior Experience intern developed an exhibit on the History of Hats
Emily Simon, HGHS Senior Experience intern developed an exhibit on the History of Hats

Every effort is made to match the skills and interests of prospective interns with the needs and priorities of the institution overall. While NCHS internships are unpaid, many students earn academic credit for their experience at the Museum.

To apply: Please send your résumé and a brief email discussing your interest in the New Castle Historical Society Internship Program to:  Please state “Internship Program” in the subject line of your email.