Throwback Thursday – Newspapers

Hello again and welcome back! I’m here with your weekly installment of Throwback Thursday. This past week I ran across newspapers that are part of our collection. Newspapers are great ways for historians and researchers to date an event, read opinions about events in the past, and for notices and records of deaths, births, marriage, and much more.

We here at the New Castle Historical Society try to curate our newspaper collection to newspapers and articles that relate to the Town of New Castle, whether by having an article about Horace Greeley, or an article reporting on New Castle. Of course, we have copies of Horace Greeley’s newspaper, the New York Tribune.

Since there are many different kinds of newspapers in the archive, this week we’ll look at examples from our Frank Leslie’s Illustrated collection. This newspaper was known for having illustrations about current events, and as such would have issues that discussed Horace Greeley, as shown below:

“New York-Horace Greeley at Home-Mr. Greeley Receiving a Delegation from the State Central Committee of Liberal Republicans at his Farm at Chappaqua”


“The Winans Steam-Gun, Recently Captured near the Relay House, by Major-General Butler’s Command.-From a Sketch by our Special Artist-“


“The Funeral at Cincinnati, May 30 1972”