Throwback Thursday – Songbooks

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of TBT last week; I am back with a vengeance! As I continue to organize and work through the collections at NCHS, I found a stack of songbooks! In a time before ipods, tvs, and even radios and record players, the only way people could listen to music was for someone to be physically playing the instrument or singing in front of them. Songbooks were a way for music lovers to experience the most popular songs of their day, and to enjoy them from the comfort of their piano bench. They were (and continue to be used) to teach children how to play instruments, at parties, and for an evening’s entertainment.

“The Red Mill”






“No Wedding Bells for Me”



“Her Soldier Boy”



“William Jerome and Andrew Mack’s Latest Songs”



“The Newlyweds and their Baby”



“Will You Remember”