The History Hunts are now available on the Actionbound app 

Puzzle-hunting your way through local history

Do you love to:

  • Play games
  • Solve puzzles
  • Explore
  • Decipher codes
  • Geocache
  • Follow maps
  • Hunt for treasure
  • Learn about local history

Perfect for:

  • Extra credit for History Class
  • Scout troops
  • Family fun day
  • Team-building/Group Dynamics
  • Seniors
  • And anyone who wants to have a blast!

Meet Horace: The Original Game

Our first-ever History Hunt game was one of several events we sponsored to commemorate Horace Greeley’s 200th birthday. It has evolved from a low-tech paper game to a web-based game to now an app-based game.

Players are led though the life and times of Horace Greeley, starting at the Historical Society (Greeley’s very own summer home) and quickly jumping out “to the field.” Be prepared to walk in and around town, follow maps, solve puzzles, and search for caches.

The game consists of nine stages and must be played sequentially; after finding and entering the correct answer, the player will only then be allowed to proceed to the next stage. The game can be completed in an afternoon (but doesn’t have to be) and is not car-dependent.

“Meet Horace” is perfect for multi-generational families to play together, although it is certainly appropriate and fun for kids age 13 and up to play by themselves (or in teams!).

We think you’ll have a great time playing!

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Trails and Tribulations

This five-stage geocaching game is designed to take you out and about on many trails in New Castle – to places that you may not even know exist. Lest you think the game is JUST looking for containers, rest assured that you will be puzzle solving, treasure hunting, exploring, and hiking, all with a dose of local history thrown in for good measure (of course!).

Families of all ages love this game. You do need a car, and probably a few afternoons to complete the game.

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The Kipp Trip

This hunt leads players through the history of the Kipps, one of New Castle’s oldest and most prolific founding families, and their journey from the Netherlands to New Amsterdam to New Castle. Many themes in U.S. and local history are explored, including immigration, land development, religion, revolution, and industry.

Players learn about the Kipps while unravelling all sorts of riddles, completing mazes, breaking codes, solving word searches, and more (you will geocache!). Be prepared to search for clues and answers online, in the Historical Society museum, and out-and-about in the town. You will even have to use the society archives to find what you need!

The game consists of ten stages and must be played sequentially. is perfect for multi-generational families to play together, although it is certainly appropriate and fun for kids age 13 and up to play by themselves (or in teams!), although a car is required for a couple of the game stages.

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Horace Greeley History Hunts Tips

(Advice to help make the games go smoothly.)

—”Meet Horace” and “The Kipp Trip” are sequential games, meaning that each stage leads to another.  They must be done in order.  “Trails and Tribulations” stages can be done in any order, except that the first four stages need to be complete in order to locate the fifth, and final, stage.

—To play “Meet Horace” or “The Kipp Trip” you must download the Actionbound app.  Click here to learn more.  It is a free app.

—To play “Trails and Tribulations” you must download the Geocaching app. Click here if you are new to  It is a free app. Please review all their rules and regulations

—Throughout the games, all number answers numbers smaller than 10 should be spelled out (ie: ten); numbers bigger than ten should be entered as numerals (ie: 11).

—No answers will include apostrophes even when it would seem correct to do so.

—Make sure you leave the caches firmly closed. Do not move the caches from their original positions.

—The New Castle Historical Society is open for limited visits and COVID-19 protocols must be followed – masks must be worn at all times when inside the Horace Greeley House, and follow social distancing. There are stages of the game which must be completed at the Historical Society.

—Be prepared to solve riddles, puzzles, and codes.  You will need to do some creative problem-solving, as well as simply keeping a sharp eye out for the details around you.

—The games will take you to a variety of places– both inside and outside, offline and online. Some stages will require a fair amount of walking outside.

—Be patient!  Take your time. The games should be played at your own pace.  You can take as little as a few hours and as much as a few months (years?) to complete the game.  There is no end date. We encourage everyone to take their time and enjoy the ride.  Don’t rush!

—Obey all traffic laws.  Be mindful of cars and people around you.​

–Please be respectful of private and public property. There should be no evidence of your presence left behind at any of the game sites. This includes, but is not limited to, trash and footprints.  Do not step into flower beds or on any other plants.  Also, please remember that excessive noise is considered pollution, too!

—Be polite to everyone you meet throughout the game.

—Please respect other gamers:  Don’t spoil the secrets by giving them away!​


We are doing everything possible to make these game nicely playable.  Please let us know asap of tricky pieces or glitches.  If, for some reason, you are stuck—even after using the hints which come with each incorrect answer—please call us at the New Castle Historical Society: 914-238-4666, or email  We would love to help!