One-of-the-Societys-exhibits-in-the-schoolsThe Education Committee organizes programs and tours for the children of all ages. School groups, Scout organizations, senior groups and other organizations can arrange private group tours by calling the Museum at (914) 238-4666.

Each year, exhibits on the history of the schools and the Town of New Castle are placed in the schools.

In addition to the events below, check out our other programs for children of all ages that are held at the Horace Greeley House:

Museum Day at the Library

An open house event at the Chappaqua Library with hands-on activities for families. Children will be able to make a craft and participate in other interesting projects. Many Northern Westchester historical societies, museums and cultural organizations participate each year.


Second Graders Explore Local History

November and December is an exciting time for the Horace Greeley House as Second Graders from all three elementary schools come to find out about the life and times of Horace Greeley in the 19th century.

After a brief introduction to the House and the Greeley Family, classes are divided into two groups which alternate between the upstairs living quarters and the kitchen below. In the kitchen, they are involved in a scavenger hunt where they try to identify the old tools and utensils plus their uses. As the docents review the finds, they have the students compare the old objects with what is in their kitchens today.

All-Second-grades-visit-the-Horace-Greeley-HouseOn the first floor, the dining room introduces them to Horace Greeley’s favorite drink, cocoa, and shows them the origin of the Baker’s Chocolate logo. Next is the music room where they try out pianoforte and the stereopticons, an early alternative to TV and the first 3-D!

Upstairs they visit Greeley’s office where they learn about the origin of “upper and lower case” print. In the Greeley bedroom, they are made fully aware of the lack of running water and electricity in the 19th century.

As the tour progresses, the leaders emphasize the make-up of Chappaqua in Greeley’s time and the impact of the railroad on a basically agricultural community. The change from rural to the suburban we know today is a running theme throughout the tour.

Al-Hutin-working-with-studentEighth Graders study the History of Horace Greeley, Chappaqua and its Waters

Eighth graders at Robert E. Bell Middle School work with members of the Historical Society each spring on the history of Horace Greeley’s farm in downtown Chappaqua, Greeley Brook (Tertia Brook) and related water use.

The students are researching the water quality of Greeley Brook adjacent to the Chappaqua Library. The brook runs from Old Farm Lake past the library to join the Saw Mill River.

With the assistance of the Society, students view a PowerPoint presentation including the history of Greeley Brook. Mr. Greeley, his farm, and the water resources are discussed prior to the students completing papers and a presentation for their class.

Independent Research Opportunities for high school students. Please contact the NCHS Director for more information.

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