On May 1, 1875, Ida Lillian Greeley (b. 11/17/1848, d. 4/11/1882), age 27, married Col. Nicholas Smith (b. __/__/1836, d. 8/15/1919 Fort Salonga, NY) in New York City. They lived in Philadelphia and then later in Brooklyn. They had three children:

Horace Greeley Smith Sr, MD (b. 4/6/1877, d. 1950)

Lived in Philadelphia and then later in Brooklyn, at age 19 dropped “Smith” and became a doctor. He was associated with the NYC Health Dept. They had one child:

Horace Greeley Jr., MD (b. ___/___ 1900, d. ___/___1986) also a doctor who lived in Brooklyn who was married twice:

  1. Beatrice Tessendorf (b.___/___/___, d.___/___/___) in 1930. They had two children:
    • Horace Judson Greeley (b. 8/15/1935, d 5/___/2003
    • Nixola Beatrice Greeley (b. 1/24/ 1934)
  2. Jeanne W________Greeley (b.___/___/___) in ___/___/____. (After Horace Greeley Jr., MD’s death, Jeanne W. Greeley married __________________________________.) She continues to live and practice medicine with her son in Brooklyn. Horace and Jeanne had two children:
    • Grant Horace Nicholas Greeley, MD (b.9/17/1953, d.5/3/2013), who married Maryann Murcott (b.___/___/___) on 6/25/1977.   They had two children:
      • Alexander Horace Greeley (b. 9/11/1986), age 26, married Katherine Marie Brown, Church of the Guardian Angel in Manhattan August 3, 2013.
      • Kristen Jennifer Greeley (b. 5/26/1988)
    • Norman Horace Edward Greeley, MD (b. 2/14/1956) who married twice:
      1. Sadhis Rivas (b.___/___/___)in 1980. They had two children:
        • Horace Timothy Greeley (b. 12/24/1986)
        • Matthew Nicholas Greeley (b. 5/29/1988)
      2. Micha Choy (b.___/___/___) in __________.

Nixola Greeley Smith (b. 4/5/1880, d. 3/9/1919)

Married Andrew W. Ford on 4/1/1910 in Greenwich, CT. They had no children. They lived at 130 W 57th St., NYC and later in Orange, NJ.

She died at 38 following an operation for an acute appendicitis. She was a staff writer for the NY Evening World.

Ida Gabrielle Smith (b. 3/9/1882, d. 1960s)

Married Louis F. Geissler, (1923-1980) Chair. of Bd. of RCA, on Dec. 23, 1915 in Orange, NJ. They lived in NY and Fort Salonga, NY.

Ida Gabrielle Smith Geissler was known as “Belle Mere” by her grandchildren. They had one son:

Louis Geissler, Jr., who married Carolyn Jane Shanks in (war time) _________. They had four children:

  • Daughter who died at age 5 in 1950
  • Frederick Greeley Geissler who died in the 1990s
  • Edwin Nicholas Geissler (b.___/___/___) (twin) lives in Red Hook, NY
  • Elizabeth Geissler (. ___/___/____) (twin) lives in Penbroke, Mass.