Dolls in Toyland

Historic Dolls
Kestner Dolls on display in the Dolls in Toyland Exhibit, Model #174

Dolls in Toyland features many dolls and toys enjoyed by happy children in the past.

Dolls have been a part of the human experience since ancient times. Sometimes they represented animals and sometimes humans. Our exhibit features dolls of the 19th and 20th centuries that were owned by relatives of New Castle residents. You will see everything from bisque German dolls to handmade rag dolls.  Many of the dolls even have entire wardrobes – be sure to stop and see Snoopy’s many outfits. Other dolls come from series such as the Madame Alexander bride doll with a bouffant wedding gown.

Some of the oldest toys on display include a metal train and truck from 1915, wood blocks from the 1880s, a Tootsietoy bus and truck from 1938, and a New York Central Stream Line electric train from the early 1940s. Accompanying these are several board and cards games, such as, Old Maid, Uncle Wiggily, and How Silas Popped the Question.

Bring your children to see some of these items of entertainment before the age of electronics. Explore our dolls and toys…they may bring back memories!