New Castle’s Beginnings – Our Founding Farms

Exhibit Location: New Castle Town Hall

Exhibit Year: 2014

On view at the New Castle Town Hall, New Castle’s Beginnings – Our Founding Farms traces our town’s origins from Native American lands through the farms of the nineteenth century, to the large estates and housing developments that turned New Castle into the community we know today. Several local farms and their products are featured – Sutton Farm, Dodge Farm, Brann Farm, Taylor and Annandale Farms, and of course the Greeley Farm.

The first farms of New Castle were established on large tracts of land purchased from the Native American tribes of the Mohegan Confederation, including the Sintsincks. Even our town’s name, Chappaqua, has Native American roots. The area was called Shepequa, which referred to the abundant water sources that made farming possible. Many other Native American words have been retained in the names of our streets and landmarks.