Stop 1: The Greeley House


Horace Greeley started buying property in Chappaqua in 1852. He first built the House in the Woods in 1854, and then bought and enlarged this house in 1864. By that time, his farm was established and efforts were being made to drain the lower fields (the bog). During Greeley’s day, what is now Senter St. was the main road through the farm.

This house, purchased and enlarged in 1864, was the second residence of the Greeley family in Chappaqua (the first was the House in the Woods, at the far end of the property). Horace and Mary Greeley lived here until their deaths in 1872, and their heirs continued to own it for several decades thereafter. During much of the 20th century it was a gift shop. In recent years, the New Castle Historical Society has restored it as a museum and headquarters.

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