Stop 4: Side Hill House

Directions to Stop 4 from the oak tree: While you are standing by the oak tree, look into the woods to the left. Do you see how the ground is leveled about halfway up the hill?

Side Hill House on Senter Street. Burned 1890.

This leveled area was once the site of Greeley’s Side Hill House. Greeley built this home between 1871 and 1872. He and his wife, Mary, never had the opportunity to live in it, for both of them died in 1872. Their daughters, Ida and Gabrielle, moved into it in the fall of 1873, and it became Gabrielle’s year-round home after Ida’s marriage in 1875. The house burned in 1890, and Gabrielle moved temporarily to a small tenant house on the property. She married shortly thereafter, and instead of attempting to rebuild the Side Hill House, she and her husband, the Rev. Dr. Frank Clendenin, decided to renovate Greeley’s concrete barn as their home.

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