Stop 6: Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Directions to Stop 6 from the bog: Continue walking along the sidewalk toward the church.

St. Mary’s Church- built by the Rev. Dr. Frank Clendenin and Gabrielle Greeley Clendenin in memory of their daughter Muriel in 1906.

This church was built in 1906 by Gabrielle Greeley Clendenin and her husband Rev. Frank Clendenin, in memory of their daughter Muriel. You may also wish to visit the small family burial ground in the rear of the church.

Gabrielle and Frank Clendenin were very active and generous members of the community. They donated the land for the present railroad station and its adjacent park, and they built the Church of St. Mary the Virgin on another part of the farm. Gabrielle either gave, or sold at a low price, the site of the Horace Greeley School, now the Robert E. Bell Middle School. Furthermore, much of downtown Chappaqua is located on land that was once part of the Greeley farm, including Town Hall, the Chappaqua Library, the community ballfield, the railroad station parking lot, the Community Center, and the business section along South Greeley Avenue.

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