Stop 7: Greeley’s Grove

Directions to Stop 7 from the Church of St. Mary the Virgin: While you are facing the front of the church, look for the grove of pine and hemlock trees to your right. Walk toward these trees to find the walking path.


Horace Greeley’s Picnic in the Grove, held in August, 1872, to rally support for his presidential campaign.
Inside the Greeley Grove, 1922.
The farm road through Greeley’s Grove, with Greeley or his farm manager in the photograph. Photo looking toward the House in the Woods (upper left).

Here you will see a lane between the pine and hemlock trees,  heading back toward the wooded hillside. These evergreen trees were planted as a windbreak for Greeley’s greenhouse, which was located to the right, on the property of the present library. “Greeley Grove” is famous for the political rally that Greeley held here during the campaign of 1872, when he ran for president for both the Liberal Republican and Democratic parties.

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