Mission & Vision

The New Castle Historical Society is an educational organization dedicated to engaging diverse audiences in learning about the rich history of the Town of New Castle. The Horace Greeley House serves as a house museum, an exhibition space, and a research center.

The mission of the New Castle Historical Society is to discover, collect, preserve and communicate the history of the Town of New Castle.

The New Castle Historical Society’s vision is to create a sense of community through a shared understanding of the town’s history, to serve as a resource of learning for individuals and families, and to be an inviting cultural base for the town of New Castle.

History of the New Castle
Historical Society

Originally named the Chappaqua Historical Society and chartered through the NYS Department of Education, the New Castle Historical Society was founded in April 1966 on the 175th anniversary of the formation of the Town of New Castle. The Society set up exhibits at the Chappaqua Library and held its first public meeting at the First Congregational Church.


New Castle Historical Society Board of Trustees 2023


Georgia Frasch

Betsy Guardenier
Vice President

Buffy Haas
Past President

David Fischer

Amy Holmes


Blair Childs

Richard Comstock

Fran Davidson

Phyllis Dealy

Richard Diefenbach

Susan Diskin

Greg Elders

Bryony Gilbey

Cathy Hildenbrand

R.J. Impastato

Judith McGrath

Catherine O’Connor

Fran Osborne

Cathy Paulson

Jennifer Phillips

Barbara Romeo

Clinton B. Smith

Kari Weis

Eileen Connor
Executive Director

Gray Williams
Town Historian