Permanent Collections

Greeley Family Heirlooms

The Horace Greeley House is home to a wide collection of family artifacts. Visitors to the house can get a feel for what life was like for the Greeleys in the 19th century by viewing their furniture, china and other furnishing, books, portraits, a collection of New York Tribune newspapers, and more.

Textiles and Costumes

The textiles and costumes in the collection range from homemade quilts and bedspreads to clothing from the 19th century to the 21st. The museum is currently adding to the collection of 20th-century fashions, the period when the corset finally relaxed its grip on the female form.

Furniture and Household Furnishings

In addition to Greeley heirlooms, other furniture and household furnishings appropriate to 19th-century country living are displayed in the period rooms of the museum. Horace Greeley’s desk from his New York office of the New York Daily Tribune is also on display.

NCHS Postcard Collection

The postcard collection offers a visual history of New Castle through photographs and illustrations, depicting people, places, and events from days long past.


The photograph collection is extensive and shows the growth of New Castle from a rural village to a modern suburb. It also records the interests and activities of the citizens.

Paintings, Drawings and Prints

The paintings in the collection are primary examples of American Impressionists. Prints and lithographs are also included.

Books, Newspapers and Political Cartoons

Horace Greeley was a favorite target of political cartoonist Thomas Nast, and the museum has many examples. There is an in-depth collection of the New York Daily Tribune, Greeley’s newspaper. The collection also has copies of books written by Greeley and other prominent writers of his time. In addition, there are 19th-century school books and genealogies.



The map collection focuses not only on New Castle but also the surrounding towns, charting the growth of the area over time.

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