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The Art of the Quilt

May 21 - Jun, 26 2022

The Art of the Quilt was a celebration of 19th, 20th, and 21st-century quilts displayed in the summer residence of Horace Greeley and the home of the New Castle Historical Society.

On view were thirty-five handmade quilts, spanning three centuries, many made by local residents. From the humble beginnings of a quilt, frequently made from a woman’s bag of fabric scraps, to the intricate work of applique and trapunto, this exhibit is a curated panorama of the many forms of quilting; representing classic patterns and motifs to flights of fancy in creativity and ingenuity.

Highlights of the exhibit included the 1895 “Crazy Quilt” donated to the New Castle Historical Society by the descendants of the Dodge family, one of the original Quaker families to settle in Chappaqua, an “Album Quilt”, oftentimes called a “Friendship Quilt” comprised of individual blocks, created by the maker with their name embroidered within the square, and a “Patriotic Quilt”, appliqued with a multitude of motifs reflecting the American Revolution up to 1903, when the quilt was made.